Books as Decor

This is not a book review, but it’s book related – somewhat. I recently did a home renovation, and our interior designer wanted to look through my shelves to use books as decor in our living room.  All this is new to me; she had a certain color palette in mind and wanted to use books which were mostly yellow, beige, or black.  Though based solely on color and sometimes size, the books she chose were pretty interesting, and though unintentional, there was some kind of pattern in books of a certain color.

Interesting how a lot of books were crime fiction / mysteries…perhaps yellow and black work well for this genre?

Also, a lot of award-winners are brown, beige or yellowish?  Maybe brown is a nice, serious color for serious novels?  No flashy colors to distract readers from their contents.

I don’t know if I would have chosen these particular books to put on display, for all to see and judge me by; like I said, they were mostly chosen for their color, but I guess there are worse books to show to the public.

What about you, what kinds of books do you have in the public areas of your home that you don’t mind visitors seeing; or what books would you put on display as decor?


10 thoughts on “Books as Decor

  1. My entire bookcase is on display for my visitors. I’ve colour-coordinated them, so it looks like an art piece in and of its own. 🙂
    I also see that you have The Golem and the Jinni on your shelves! One of my absolute favourite books ever.

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