5 Years and Counting…

Today, I got a notice from WordPress wising me Happy Anniversary!

Honestly, I’ve never kept track of when I started blogging here, so thanks, WordPress, for reminding me.  Before WordPress I kept a blog at Blogger.com and the now defunct (??) Friendster.

According to my stats, my blog viewership (is that even a word?) has increased steadily over the years, with a total of 63,886 views and 32,195 visitors.  I’ve published a total of 272 posts, 142 of which are book reviews.

5 years seems like a long time to be doing something, especially blogging about books.  I don’t get paid to do it, and no one forces me to – to be honest, most of the people I know in real life don’t even know I have a blog.  I guess I do it more for myself – to keep track of all the books I’ve read, and as a way to remember what I read – than for anyone. If you happen to stumble upon my blog and like what you read, then I’m happy I was able to provide you with a few minutes of distraction.

I currently have 539 followers – whether those are real followers or just follow for other reasons, is hard to tell, but I’m thankful to everyone who has taken some time to read my articles, browse my blog, write a comment, and press the “follow” button.

THANK YOU AND KEEP READING! (and comments are always welcome :))


21 thoughts on “5 Years and Counting…

  1. Happy blogiversary!

    You’re right: five years is a long time to be blogging. I see that as an achievement. Many bloggers begin with good intentions, but then their posts slow down and finally their blogs fade out. I have followed quite a few blogs whose authors just stopped writing one day. There are so many abandoned blogs floating around!

    Here’s to the next five years!

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