The Last Books of 2014

It’s only November, but already I’ve surpassed the number of books I read last year. This year, same as last, I’ve set my goal of reading 50 books.  Last year I got up to 27 books, and this year, so far, I’ve read 32.

I’m 18 books short of my goal, and though 32 is a personal record in itself, I don’t think there’s any way for me to read 18 books in the next 42 days.

More for my own benefit than anything, to sort of organize myself and to make reading plans more concrete, here are the books I’m planning to read for the rest of the year:

1.  The Comfort of Strangers (Ian McEwan) – My copy just arrived today from bookdepository. I read in a recent McEwan interview that this book may be his greatest book ever.  An intriguing claim that must be confirmed.

2.  A Personal Matter (Kenzaburo Oe) – A recent birthday present of sorts.  Actually, the birthday present was a gift card to a book store, and this was one of the books I bought with it.

3.  NOS4R2 (Joe Hill) – This is the other book I bought with the same gift card I used to buy A Personal Matter.

4.  The Narrow Road to the Deep North (Richard Flanagan) – 2014 Booker Prize winner. Intriguing, but seems a bit too serious (and too long) for the busy holiday season.  I may just put this off until 2015.

5.  The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Agatha Christie) – I read my first ever Agatha Christie novel this year, And Then There Were None, and I fairly enjoyed it.  Roger Ackroyd came highly recommended as one of Christie’s best.

6.  This Side of Paradise (F. Scott Fitzgerald) – Maybe….

7.  A Farewell to Arms (Ernest Hemingway) – Also a maybe…depends on my mood.

8.  In Evil Hour (Gabriel Garcia Marquez) – Depends on whether or not it arrives before the end of the year.

9.  Hansel and Gretel (Neil Gaiman) – An illustrated short story which won’t take too long to read…

10.  The Sleeper and the Spindle (Neil Gaiman) – Also depends on whether or not it gets here in time to see the year end.

11.  The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (Haruki Murakami) – I somehow feel like reading just one more Murakami novel, making my total for the year, 4.

I think that’s about it, though I could be missing one or two titles.  I’m still currently reading book 3 of the Gentleman Bastard series, The Republic of Thieves, and Albert Camus’ The Fall.

What about you, what are your holiday reading plans?


12 thoughts on “The Last Books of 2014

  1. I’ve read almost the same number of books (34). I lowered my goal this year from the regular 50 to 40. It seems though that I won’t reach that goal because I’m keen on finishing Infinite Jest before the year ends and refreshing myself from where I left is taking some time.

    Also, where did you find that interview on McEwan? If the greatness of The Comfort of Strangers lies in its chilliness and minor transgressions, I think Atonement should be his best book instead.

    • I think it was in a recent edition of Time Magazine. I have it at home…I’ll check later.

      I think it’s ok to read less than 40 books if it means finishing Infinite Jest. Afterall, that book is like equivalent to 4 or 5 different books. 😛

  2. Congrats on beating last year’s record! I hope you enjoy your remaining books — particularly The Wind Up Bird Chronicle. I don’t remember liking it as much as Kafka on the Shore when I read it, but it has stuck with me more in the years since then.

  3. Congrats on surpassing last year’s book total! You may not make it to 50 but you still have plenty of time to read a few more books. I have the whole week of Christmas and New Year’s off and I am planning a book reading binge. I can hardly wait!

  4. I’ve read 28 books so far this year, and that includes graphic novels and novellas. But I never did get into the practice of challenging myself to read N number of books for a particular period, so as far as quantity goes, I think 28 is fair enough. We working moms do what we can for ourselves when we can, right? 🙂

    Also ordered Hansel & Gretel and The Sleeper & The Spindle from TBD some 2 weeks ago, I don’t know when they’ll get here. I reckon I’d be lucky if they get here in time for the holidays. So for the last few weeks of the year, I’ll probably just finish the Sandman graphic novels (middle of the third volume now, 7 more to go) and finish the book I left hanging last summer: The Tudors by G.J. Meyer. 🙂

  5. Way to go on the reading progress this year! I, too, will not be hitting my goal of 50 books this year. but hope to fine some quality reading time over the holidays. 🙂 And now we have to start thinking about reading lists and books for next year!

  6. My devious strategy: I always set my goal purposely low, just so I can always feel proud of myself for beating it (works every time, heh). For this year, my goal is 52, though I’ll probably hit 60 (I did 57 this year, almost!)

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