It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?

Actually, it’s Tuesday already, but, whatever….

I’m trying to read, without much success, House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, and All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

Both books have been highly recommended, and I was already a bit interested in both prior to the good reviews, so I don’t know why I still can’t really get into them despite having already read a few chapters.


All The Light We Cannot See seems a bit too slow for me.  Despite the very short chapters that alternate between the two main characters, it’s still mostly about their day-to-day life and experiences 10 years before the actual novel takes place.  A bit intriguing, but not enough to really get me hooked.  It’s not a short novel so I’m hoping that it picks up a bit so that I won’t completely lose interest.


House of Leaves, now that’s different story.  House of Leaves will grab your attention from the very beginning.  It is very intriguing and raises a lot of questions even before you start reading.  Questions like, who is the real writer of this novel?  Why are there a lot of seemingly blank pages or pages where the text is written every which way? Why is the word  “house” in blue? Is this a novel or a textbook? 

Though this novel is turning out to be very interesting, I find its size and weight a bit cumbersome….especially if you read it lying down in bed at night, which is about the only time I can read a “real” book.  I can’t read as much as I want to every night, so it’s slow going.

Other than the physical challenges of finding just the right angle to hold the book, I’m finding it a bit annoying that I can’t get into the actual story of the novel because the annoying narrator, or editor, Johnny Truant keeps interrupting the flow of the other narration. Confused?  Well, yes, House of Leaves is a confusing novel, to say the least.  I am, however, determined to conquer this novel and get to the bottom of its mystery, if it’s the last book I read this year (though I really hope not).  It’s about 700+ pages, but I’m not too worried because a lot of those aren’t really filled with text.

Of the two novels I’m currently reading, if I’m going to stop reading one, it’s probably going to be All The Light We Cannot See, which, at this time, just isn’t calling out to me.

Meme brought to you by Book Journey.


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