My Top 10 Anime Movies

Musings from Three Time Zones

I’m a big fan of anime, or Japanese animation. Anime series are usually 24 or 26 episodes per season, and a series gets renewed depending on its popularity. Anime stories are usually adapted from manga, or Japanese comic books, and range from science-fiction/fantasy, to historical, and even present/slice of life.  Anime are also classified according to its general audience – age, gender, topic, etc.  Anyway, this is not a post about anime in general.  If you want to know more about it, you can read a post I wrote about it here.

Other than anime series, there are also anime movies, which are usually excellent, and though animated, sometimes not really for children.  You’ve probably seen anime movies by Studio Ghibli, which is distributed by Walt Disney in the U.S. (and in English).  However, there are many other great anime movies that are not created by Studio Ghibli (although the…

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