Just Another Game of Thrones HBO Rant…

Warning:  May be slightly spoiler-ish…..

Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking – another Game of Thrones HBO series rant to add to the hundreds floating around the web.  It seems like since the new season of Game of Thrones on HBO started, or, since episode 9 of the 3rd season aired, you can’t go anywhere online without seeing something – article, blog, meme, rant, FB status, related to Game of Thrones.

Well, expect there to be more of those rants now that season 3 is over – it ended June 9 (June 10 for me) with the 10th episode, which, honestly, was very disappointing.

Finale aside, for me, the whole series was a bit of a let down.  I’m sure most readers of the series would agree that the 3rd book, A Storm of Swords, is the best in the series.  Unfortunately, the TV adaptation did not live up to the book, as I felt that season 3 was the most boring season so far.

There were a lot of differences between book three and season three, which is understandable and acceptable when adapting novels to tv, but  I’m just hoping that the little changes don’t end up drastically changing  the story.

As season 3 of the series progressed, the episodes became much more interesting, with a shocking (to those who have not read the books) penultimate episode.  Episode 9 made me expect and believe that the finale would be the best episode, focusing on the other wedding of book 3.  Unfortunately, the tv producers/directors decided to put that scene off until the 4th season, to air in 2014.

Perhaps those in charge of the series decided to open and set the mood of the 4th season with the other wedding scene…if that’s the case, then I’m willing to wait.

Not like I really have a choice anyway….



4 thoughts on “Just Another Game of Thrones HBO Rant…

  1. Oh gosh, you dislike Joffrey too, *high five* 😀

    I agree season three was severely disappointing, I felt it was a let down from two previous seasons. Now I have not read any of the books so I cannot make a comparison. I felt they should have episode 9 as the season finale. That would pipe me up more for season 4. I am not sure I am want to continue watching the series but I sure want to see who sits on the throne in the end and I want Stark revenge.

    • I know, season 3 was a let-down, but don’t let that stop you from watching season 4…there are lots of good things coming up 🙂

      And read the books if you have time…they are WAY better than the show.

      • I do not intend to read the books any time soon. Why?

        a. I do not want to start reading books which have no conclusion as yet. It is one of the reasons I stay away from series book.

        b. For once I prefer viewing the adaptation before reading the books. I do not want to know the details before hand for GOT.

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