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DSC_0071“He wasn’t talking.  He was looking from the window of the car all the way…”

Ever since Kafka on the Shore, I’ve been in a kind of a reading slump.  I’ve had some life-changing things happen to me since too, so I guess Murakami is not completely to blame.

The last 2 novels I read relied heavily on magical realism, so to try to get back into my reading groove, I decided to try something that is (hopefully) more grounded in reality.  I’m hoping Michael Ondaatje’s The Cat’s Table will do the trick.

The Cat’s Table is the very first book I bought from the Book Depository – for only $8.00.  Free shipping and handling, of course.  Took about a month to get to me, but that’s ok.  I love getting books in the mail!


Two days after writing this, the copy of Revenge by Yoko Ogawa which I ordered from  The Book Depository arrived in the mail.  I wasn’t expecting it until around the first week of March and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived earlier.

I was curious about the book, which is a collection of 11 “dark” short stories.  I tried to read 1 story, but ended up reading more than I planned.  I’m currently on the 4th story.  Interesting, but a little strange.

This book piqued my curiosity after reading a review of it at It looks like I’ll be finishing up Revenge first before starting The Cat’s Table.

4 thoughts on “Currently Reading…

  1. I hope you break out of your reading slump soon! I’ve been wanting to read The Cat’s Table but haven’t gotten around to buying it/requesting it from the library. I’m looking forward to your thoughts!

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