Currently Reading: Kafka on the Shore

KafkaI know, this book is so 5 years ago…ok, more like 8 years ago, but I’m only getting around to reading it now.

Kafka on the Shore is only my second Murakami book, 1Q84 being the first.  I’m thinking I probably should have read this before 1Q84.  Then again, if I read this first and didn’t really like it, I might never have read 1Q84 or his other works.

On my fifteenth birthday I’ll run away from home, journey to a far-off town, and live in a corner of a small library.

…I like it already!

The Book In My Bag:

hatThe book that is in my bag for when I have to wait around somewhere is still The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks.  A very thin collection of true and strange cases in the field of psychology / neurology.  It’s a fascinating read about people with phantom limbs, people who see things that aren’t there, or people who don’t see things that are there, and a lot more.


17 thoughts on “Currently Reading: Kafka on the Shore

  1. I’m fairly new to Murakami as well — I first read him in 2011 — but Kafka on the Shore is my second favorite of the four books I’ve read, after Norwegian Wood.

  2. I haven’t read Murakami yet, but from what I understand, his books can get melancholy and thought provoking. Maybe I’d check them out sometime…

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