Gone Girl (In Sixty Seconds)

Gone Girl is…how can I describe it?


To say that it’s a 2012 suspense/mystery/thriller by Gillian Flynn about a married couple would make it sound a bit boring and might turn people off from reading it.

But to say any more might spoil it for them….

The story in a nutshell:  Amy and Nick Dunne have been married for 5 years, and on the day of their 5th year anniversary, Amy goes missing.

The story is presented in alternating chapters between Nick and Amy’s version of the events that take place – first as 1st person narratives by Nick, and diary entries by Amy, then in the form of 1st person narratives by both characters.

Through both character’s narratives, readers will get to know more about them, as well as the events in the novel.

Being a suspense/thriller, readers will start reading knowing – expecting, there to be a hook or a twist in the plot, but though it’s a bit predictable, the appeal of Gone Girl, isn’t really in the story, but in the two main characters who are not your typical protagonists.

Upon hearing the word “protagonists,” you’d expect characters who are likable and possess positive, endearing qualities – characters that readers can easily relate to.  With Gone Girl, however (and with Wuthering Heights, for that matter), that idea isn’t necessarily true.

Gone Girl is a good book to take with you on your next vacation – interesting enough to keep you occupied on a long plane/train ride, or while waiting around, but not too interesting as to keep you in your hotel room, missing out on the sites and sounds of the outside world.


Gone Girl (2012) – Gillian Flynn

Weidenfield & Nicolson; 419 pages

Personal Rating:  2.5/5

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