1Q84: July to September

Got through the second part of 1Q84 rather quickly – quicker than the first part, anyway.

There was a gradual build up of events in the first part of 1Q84, ending on a critical part of the plot, urging readers to continue on to the next part of the novel in hopes of getting some answers.

In the second part of the book, the plot becomes more concrete, secrets are revealed, connections between characters are made, and assumptions formed by readers during the the first half are confirmed.

Though there are important revelations in the second half,  they don’t do much to make the novel any clearer, or any less weird.  As a matter of fact, ideas and concepts revealed in Part 2 only solidify the strangeness of this novel.

Though Part 2 still largely focuses on the lives of Tengo and Aomame, new, interesting, albeit, unsavory characters are introduced in the second half.

I feel that with everything that happened, Part 2 is a critical turning point of the novel – a climax, if you will. Hopefully, questions will be answered and loose ends will be tied on the third and final part of the novel.

Reading this novel, I’ve felt happy, sad, annoyed, entertained, bored, and very, very, frustrated.

I really don’t know what to expect from the third and final part of the book.  I’ve had some hypotheses throughout the novel that have been proven wrong, and at this point, I’m tired of trying to figure out how Haruki Murakami’s mind works.

(1Q84:  October – December)


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