A Flight of Angels

A Flight of Angels is a collaborative graphic novel from well-known and respected writers in the industry.

Holly Black, Bill Willingham, Alisa Kwitney, Todd Mitchell, Louise Hawes, and illustrator Rebecca Guay worked together in A Flight of Angels to create an imaginative and beautiful work of graphic fiction.

One dark night, a group of unlikely creatures of myth and lore  find a mysterious fallen angel in a dark forest and are unsure what to make of him.  Undecided as to whether to grant him life or death, the creatures gathered decided to hold a tribunal to decide his fate.

Each of the forest inhabitants come forward to sing of or tell tales of angels they have heard of or experienced firsthand, to help ascertain the mysterious fallen angel’s guilt or innocence.

As the creatures present their case in turn,  different stories emerge throughout different periods of time – angels as messengers, as guardians, as seers, as warriors, as lovers, and as harbingers of death.

The tales presented are those of love, friendship, loyalty – all moving and sad; tales about the lives and fates of angels, and their oftentimes  tragic relationships with human beings.

Though the stories were interesting, and the ending unexpected, the best thing about this graphic novel, for me, was the art.  The characters were drawn beautifully, and looked surprisingly realistic. Rebecca Guay’s art, was truly heavenly.


This is the 3rd graphic novel for my Graphic Novel Reading Challenge, 2012.

A Flight of Angels (2011) – Holly Black, Bill Willingham, Alisa Kwitney, Todd Mitchell, Louise Hawes, Rebecca Guay

Vertigo, color, 128 pages.

Personal rating:  2.5/5

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