Cloud Atlas at a Glance

Who better to describe Cloud Atlas than its author, David Mitchell.  I quote a passage from Letters from Zedelghem which, rightly summarizes the entire novel:

In the first set, each so­lo is in­ter­rupt­ed by its suc­ces­sor: in the sec­ond, each in­ter­rup­tion is re­con­tin­ued, in or­der.

Rev­olu­tion­ary or gim­micky?

Shan’t know un­til it’s fin­ished, and by then it’ll be too late…

Too late indeed….

Oh, and by the way, I would choose “gimmicky.”

Due to my inability to properly gather my thoughts to write an unbiased review of this novel, or due to sheer laziness, I have made a flowchart instead, to show, visually, but in the simplest, most rudimentary way, the connection between each of the 6 chapters in the novel.

Warning #1:  This flowchart stemmed from an idle, frustrated mind, and may be a bit inaccurate, especially with regards to the connection between Chapter 1 (The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing) and Chapter 6 (Sloosha’s Crossin’ and Ev’rythin’ After).  I must admit, due to the nature of Chapter 6, I stopped actually reading it when I reached the halfway point and just skimmed through it to get a general idea of what was happening.

So I apologize if there exists a connection between the 2 said chapters other than the one I’ve written on the flowchart, and please let me know so that I may correct my mistake.

Warning #2:  This flowchart may be a bit spoiler-ish, depending on your definition of “spoiler,” so, glance at it at your own risk.

“…on­ly as you gasp your dy­ing breath shall you un­der­stand, your life amount­ed to no more than one drop in a lim­it­less ocean! Yet what is any ocean but a mul­ti­tude of drops?”


And with this, I complete the Plump Primer category of the Chunkster Challenge, 2012!

Cloud Atlas (2004) – David Mitchell

509 pages

Personal rating:  2.5/5

10 thoughts on “Cloud Atlas at a Glance

  1. Interesting post! I haven’t read Cloud Atlas and don’t feel much like it right now but I really enjoyed Black Swan Green by the same author so maybe in time.

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