My 2012 Reading List

A new list for the new year, though most of the books on here were from last year’s “to read” list.

This is just a rough guide of all the books I want to read before the year ends, and is not set in stone.  I will most likely add or  remove books throughout the year as I see fit.

  1. A Dance with Dragons (George R.R. Martin)
  2. 2666 (Roberto Bolaño)
  3. The Imperfectionists (Tom Rachman)
  4. The Book of Lost Things (John Connolly)
  5. The Black Book (Orhan Pamuk)
  6. If On A Winter’s Night A Traveller (Italo Calvino)
  7. The Weed that Strings the Hangman’s Bag (Alan Bradley)
  8. A Red Herring Without Mustard (Alan Bradley)
  9. The Master and Margarita (Mikhail Bulgakov)
  10. Infinite Jest (David Foster Wallace)
  11. Cold Comfort Farm (Stella Gibbons)
  12. Midnight’s Children (Salman Rushdie)
  13. A Confederacy of Dunces (John Kennedy Toole)
  14. A Handmaid’s Tale (Margaret Atwood)
  15. The Meaning of Night (Michael Cox)
  16. The Monsters of Templeton (Lauren Groff)
  17. Special Topics in Calamity Physics (Marisha Pessl)
  18. The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet (David Mitchell)
  19. The Book of Murder (Guillermo Martinez)
  20. The Satanic Verses (Salman Rushdie)
  21. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (Michael Chabon)
  22. Solar (Ian McEwan)
  23. Their Eyes Were Watching God (Zora Neale Hurston)
  24. Istanbul (Orhan Pamuk)
  25. Raise the Red Lantern (Su Tong)
  26. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (Douglas Adams)
  27. The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul (Douglas Adams)
  28. A Passage to India (E.M. Forster)
  29. Saturday (Ian McEwan)
  30. Amsterdam (Ian McEwan)
  31. Jamrach’s Menagerie (Carol Birch)
  32. In the Woods (Tana French)

Books  for the Back to the Classics Reading Challenge, 2012:

14 thoughts on “My 2012 Reading List

  1. Yay! Great list. I recently started The Master and Margarita…it’s pretty good so far and I’ve always wanted to read Infinite Jest…but oh does it intimidate…I don’t know much about Raise the Red Lantern except that my mother said the movie was very good. Just my two cents, lol….Happy reading, friend.

    • Thanks! How’s Master and Margarita? Is it easy to read? For some reason that intimidates me. And Infinite Jest too…I don’t know if I will actually get to read it…wishful thinking, maybe 🙂 The Raise the Red Lantern book I think is a collection of short stories. What about you, what are your reading plans for 2012?

  2. I was planning to write a similar post before starting 2666. I suggest you read The Remains of the Day sooner than most books. I’m not too crazy about Their Eyes Were Watching God, but it’s not bad.

    And I see you aren’t done with Jacob de Zoet yet, haha. I’ll finish his first two novels first before I get my hands on it.

    • Hahaha…ok, will note your suggestion regarding Remains of the Day. I have no definite sched of when to actually read those books, so I can start that anytime. I just listed those books from memory, and not in the order that I’m going to read them. No, I’m not done with Jacob de Zoet yet…lol. Well, that list is just a ‘guide’ I probably won’t even be able to read half of the books on there 😦

  3. Well I’m listening to The Master and the Margarita on therefore it doesn’t feel so daunting. Is that cheating? I tell myself I’m improving my listening skills. 🙂 Hey, maybe one book on your list could be audiobook. I think when school is finished later this week I will devise my reading plans mwahahaha.

    • Actually I was looking into listening to an audio book…But I haven’t decided which book yet. I tried listening to an audio book of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy a few years ago (while at the gym), but I found that I couldn’t really concentrate on the story. Hmm…maybe I need to hone my listening skills as well 🙂 I think I will give it another try next year. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Great choices! I love Stella Gibbons, Atwood, John Kennedy Toole, Michael Chabon, Douglas Adams and Ishiguro. You have some excellent reading ahead of you 🙂

  5. You’re in for an amazing 2012! The books on this list I’ve read (2666, The Book of Lost Things, The Handmaid’s Tale, Saturday, The Remains of Day, Their Eyes Were Watching God) are fabulous. The only one here that I really didn’t like was A Confederacy of Dunces.

  6. If you read The Remains of the Day, you might also want to read Never Let Me Go.
    Oh, and good luck with Ulysses. Lemme know if you survived, I’ll buy you a cookie or something :))

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