Currently Reading: A Clash of Kings

*Warning:  contains some spoilers*

When last we heard from the chapter characters of A Game of Thrones, a lord had died and was mourned by his sons; a girl in love had learned to hate, while another had became a boy; a woman had become a mother to a king; another to dragons; a small man journeys to save his nephew, while another journeys to save his uncle.

Now their stories continue in the second book of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series,  A Clash of Kings.

Though A Game of Thrones ended with a bang, A Clash of Kings starts out slowly, picking up right where things ended in book 1.

It’s taking me a bit of time getting into A Clash of Kings, and I think it is because I have gotten so used to all the intrigue and conspiracies in A Game of Thrones. The beginning of A Clash of Kings is the aftermath of the war that started in A Game of Thrones, and thus a bit subdued, but I’m glad that as I continue to read, things start to pick up again and new secrets are revealed. Also the addition of new chapter character perspectives is a welcome change.

And if I thought A Game of Thrones was long, well, A Clash of Kings is even longer.


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    • LOL…yeah, he kinda looks like Santa Claus 😛 Well I can imagine that girl’s dilemma…it would seem so corny to say “I’m your biggest fan” to one of your favorite writers 😛 I probably wouldn’t know what to say either (though when I met Neil Gaiman in person, I actually had a decent conversation with him without making a fool of myself…I think….LOL!)

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