Because I needed to buy tape…

In preparation for packing and moving to my new apartment, I had to go to the mall yesterday to buy packaging tape.

2 hours later, I ended up buying:

  1. Room
  2. Lost Horizon
  3. Reading Lolita in Tehran
  4. The Unofficial Guide to Central Italy
  5. The Unofficial Guide to Paris
  6. The Crimson and the White
  7. Grant Writing for Dummies

And mostly from a second-hand bookstore, I may add.

Because I’m planning on going to France and Italy for vacation this year, I bought the two Unofficial Guide books, even though I told myself that I won’t start reading tour books until the summer.  They two guide books were so cheap that I really couldn’t resist.  The same goes for The Crimson and the White and Reading Lolita in Tehran.  The Dummies book I bought for work.

Room, shortlisted for the Booker in 2010 seems very interesting and mysterious, and the Lost Horizon, about the fabled Shangri-La, I recently read about in the book I’m currently reading, The Geography of Bliss.

Oh, and of course, I didn’t forget to buy the 2 rolls of packaging tape.


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