This just about made my year…

I am so happy right now!  I just got one of the best gifts ever – an autographed copy of The Satanic Verses, by none other than Sir Salman Rushdie himself!  Courtesy of my very good friend from New York.

I know it’s worth more without my name on it, but I don’t even care.  Just to have something like this, to me, it’s priceless!


3 thoughts on “This just about made my year…

    • lol..yeah she’s awesome for giving me a copy! She went to a book signing he was doing at a Barnes and Nobles in New York City. I think the book signing was for The Enchantress of Florence.

      Nah, he’s not in hiding anymore…the Ayatollah lifted the fatwa some years ago…he’s good now LOL 🙂

      That same friend also gave me a copy of The Museum of Innocence autographed by Orhan Pahmuk, but it wasn’t personalized…she said Mr. Pahmuk didn’t personalize due to too many requests 😦 Too bad…but it was still awesome!!

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