Dexter, The End

Warning: This blog entry contains spoilers of Dexter season 5. Read at your own risk.

Season 5 of Dexter has officially ended, and I must say that I was pretty disappointed with the final episode, and the entire season in general.

I just felt that they tied up all the loose ends a little too quickly and neatly. The issue with Liddy and Quinn was wrapped up nicely, with no one (ahem, Quinn) ending up in jail. The Santa Muerte case was never even brought up again after that episode in the bar. Not that anyone cared. But the Liddy storyline was actually very good, especially since Liddy had the upper hand on Dexter, who didn’t have a clue who he was up against. I guess the writers felt that it was secondary to the whole Jordan Chase storyline and didn’t need to be fleshed out. 

The biggest disappointment was the demise of Jordan Chase. His death was so anti-climactic and unexciting, so undeserving for the brilliant villain that he was. I was expecting them to draw out that scene a bit, show how smart Jordan Chase really was. The ending was so unexciting that after Jordan Chase died, there was still a good 10 minutes left in the episode. 

10 minutes was enough to show random scenes of closure between several of the characters. Of course during the 10 minutes, the writers had also managed to quickly and neatly get Lumen out of Dexter’s life. I wasn’t a big fan of Lumen and the whole Dexter-Lumen pairing, but I have to admit that what happened between them in the end was rather depressing. 

I think the writers wasted Jordan Chase. He seemed like such a wonderful adversary for Dexter, cunning and intelligent, a lot of times, more intelligent than Dexter. In the end, they just killed him without showing his potential as a bad guy. 

Dexter experienced a lot of human emotions this season – his wife dying, his step-children moving away, his finding Lumen and possibly love, Deb ‘catching’ him but letting him go – But at the end of the day, Dexter, you are not a normal guy and can never live a normal life. Stop trying and just be the badass serial killer that you really are. 


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