A Natural High

Extreme sports isn’t really my thing, but last weekend, I dared to do what I normally would not, and went on a “tree top” adventure, which involved a lot of hanging from cables with nothing but a flimsy-looking harness separating me from absolute death; zipping through the air backwards and forward like Superman, or being dropped down a 60-foot tree in 2 seconds, face first, reminiscent of Tom Cruise in the vault in Mission: Impossible 1.  

No, I didn’t do it because I have a death wish. I did it because I needed a little excitement in my life, and, there’s nothing more exciting than paying good money to put your life in danger. 

The “Superman” ride through the trees and the tree-drop barely lasted a few seconds, and honestly, the adrenalin rush was nothing but a fleeting sensation, but the idea that I went out and did something out of my comfort zone was really what made the activity worthwhile for me.

Watching other people doing it, I felt brave and confident. Putting on the gear and getting ready to do it, I still felt confident that I could do it without panicking.   It was when I was in the final position, with no chance of turning back, that true fear set in. The anticipation of the pull or the fall was what scared me. 

And then, just when you thought you’re about to die of fright…you fall…and scream….and then it’s over.

You have survived and lived to tell about it (with supporting photos, thanks to the very enterprising park photographers who expertly capture the fear on your face as you drop to the ground).

Will I ever do it again? Probably not. But I’m proud of myself for having done it once. It’s something I can cross out of my “things to do before I die” list. True, it was never really on there to begin with…but sometimes you don’t know what you have to do in life until after you’ve done it.


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