The 5th season of Dexter is almost at an end, and as usual things heat up in the final few episodes.

I have to admit that I’ve had mixed feelings about this season.  For me, it was off to a slow start with Dexter trying to adjust to life without Rita and for the show to transition between the Trinity storyline to the new one, which wasn’t revealed until 3 or 4 episodes into the season, with the introduction of Julia Stiles’ character, Lumen.

The pace of the show started to pick up after Lumen and Boyd Folwer were introduced, and as followers of the show know by now, Boyd Fowler was just a pathetic player in a group controlled by motivational speaker, Jordan Chase, one of the smartest and most despicable villains ever to grace the show. 

The episodes this season would alternate between exciting to mundane, mostly focusing on Dexter the father, Dexter the widowed husband, Dexter the human being.  This season, the writers seem to be more focused on transforming Dexter from the efficient, unemotional serial killer to the person who would kill for the sake of people he cared about.

Which brings us to Julia Stiles’ character, Lumen, season 5’s main co-star/victim/love interest.  To me, she has been nothing but annoying from the start.  Because of her traumatic experiences at the hands of Boyd Fowler, she was adamant to hunt down everyone involved and kill them herself.  Of course, she’s too stupid and inexperienced to do any of these, which is why she drags Dexter into it.  Dexter agrees because he’s feeling guilty about his wife’s death and because, well, he wants to kill people.  Oh yeah, that and because he might be feeling some “serious shit” for Lumen, as Dexter’s shockingly smart sister, Deb describes it. 

Frankly, I find the whole Dexter/Lumen romance a little disturbing.  Seeing them kissing, cuddling, holding hands and being affected by words like “us,” is enough to make my stomach churn.  I never liked Rita, but I’d rather have her and what she had with Dexter over the “serious shit” Dexter might be having with Lumen. 

Other (minor) complications arise during the run of the season, such as Quinn’s meddling, convinced that Dexter was involved in the Trinity case and that he really was Kyle Butler; an annoying old cop, hired by Quinn, who spies and ultimately gets great footage on Dexter and Lumen doing sketchy things with knives and mysterious plastic bags thrown overboard a boat.  Other uninteresting side stories include Dexter’s children; a nanny who had the potential to be some psycho but turned out to be the efficient nanny she really was; Dexter’s soon-to-be-a-slut step-daughter; Quinn and Deb’s failed romantic relationship; Angel and LaGuerta’s power-play/marriage; the Santa Muerte cult and a host of other boring stories no one is really cares about.

With one episode remaining, people are left wondering what’s in store for Dexter.  Deb is getting smart and it won’t be a surprising if she ends up catching Dexter in the act of killing Jordan Chase.  Would she let him go if that were the case?  Will Lumen die at the hands of Jordan Chase?  I’d like to think so, but with Rita’s death during the end of last season, I’m beginning to doubt the writers plan to kill Lumen at the end of this one.  Which would mean what, exactly?  Dexter lives happily ever after with the love of his life, Lumen, and they kill together as partners in Season 6?  Or possibly, Dexter and Lumen live happily ever after, which means, no more season 6?

I guess I wouldn’t really mind if this was the last season of Dexter.  The show had a good run, and I’d rather see it end with a bang than to go on but lose its pizzazz.  All good things must come to an end, but is this the end of Dexter as we know it?

Stay tuned for the season finale, which promises to be a killer episode.


2 thoughts on “Dexter

  1. I’d rather not see the show fizzle out like a wet fuse and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who feels this way. I love Dexter and haven’t missed a show yet. The biggest thing that helps me keep up with the show is the DISH Remote Access app. I work for DISH Network so I know all about it; it lets me watch TV, live and recorded, anywhere I have internet access. Now I carry Dexter in my pocket and can watch it whenever I want.

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