Sorry, please try again…

Because I’m quite ambitious with my reading selections, I’ve decided to finally read one of the greatest novels ever written – Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo. 

Thinking that it would be quite easy to find, since it is one of the pillars of classic literature, I was quite surprised when I couldn’t find a copy of it in the 2 different bookstores I recently went to.

Because I was so happy with one of my local bookstore’s online shopping service, which proved so reliable with my last order, I decided to use it again today. 

I was quite surprised when the search result turned out to be:

I would think that any respectable bookstore would have a well-stocked “Classics” section.  I didn’t even consider that the bookstores I’ve visited wouldn’t have Les Miserables in stock.  Strange.

Oh well. 

The search continues…

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