Viva, España!

An amazing game between Spain and Germany ended the World Cup semi-finals yesterday, with Spain beating the Germans 1-0 and moving on to the finals against the Dutch. 

I really didn’t see that one coming.  Though not a fan of Germany myself, I did think they would win against Spain and move on to defeat The Netherlands on Sunday.  Germany did very well in the last crucial games of the World Cup, but alas, the ‘soothsayer octopus’ has spoken and proclaimed their fate!  The now famous and maybe soon-to-be-dead octopus is getting as much publicity for its accurate prophecies as the games itself. 

Spain deemed to be “the greatest country never to have won the World Cup” is a favorite team to win this year.  Like The Netherlands, it will be their first time to be in the finals – their first time to win the gold.


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