Do cry for me, Argentina

It was a black day for Argentina fans last Saturday after the Germans beat team Argentina, 4-0.  Argentina was strong coming in to the games, having won all previous matches.  The match between Germany was Argentina’s first, and unfortunately, biggest loss. 

The remaining teams; The Netherlands vs. Uruguay and Spain vs. Germany will slug it out in the next two days for a spot in the finals.  Yesterday, Spain barely beat Paraguay with a 1-0 score.  Luckily it was enough to get them a spot in the semi-finals.

I’m still upset about Brazil’s colossal loss to The Netherlands last Friday, and now with Argentina gone, I don’t really care who wins the 2010 World Cup.  With the way the teams have performed in past games, it’s a safe bet that the finals will be The Netherlands against the Germans.  I’m not a fan of the Germans, but their play in the last games have been extraordinary skilful and though the Dutch will prove to be formidable opponents, I’m confident that, in the end, the Germans will take home the gold.


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