How not to get on other people’s nerves…

1.  If you have kids, please don’t talk about them all the time. Other people are not that interested in what your kid does on a daily basis. There is a limit on how often you can talk about your kids with other people. Your kid drank milk last night….not interesting. Your kid drank milk last night through his nose…now THAT’S newsworthy!

2.  Don’t give your married friends household stuff on special occasions (example: birthdays, Christmas, etc.). Just because your friends are married, it doesn’t mean they have suddenly become interested in the wonderful world of kitchenware. Interests don’t necessarily change once you’ve had a change of civil status. Your married friends are still interested in the same things they were interested in when they were single.

3.  Respect other people’s religious beliefs and preferences. Don’t try to convert them to your religion or make them believers. Don’t force them to pray with your or go to church. Try to respect other people’s religious beliefs and spirituality…or lack of it.

4.  Don’t show your vacation pictures (or any pictures, for that matter) to other people unless they have shown some kind of interest in seeing them.

The same goes for vacation videos, etc. People will look at your pictures or watch your videos if you offer, just to be polite, but chances are, they could care less about pictures they are not in.

Also, don’t tag your ‘friends’ on facebook in photos or videos they’re not in just so they’ll look at it.  No one likes an attention whore.

5. Don’t stand behind people and look at what’s on their computer monitors…especially if they don’t know you are looking. Even though what they are doing might not be private, it’s just a very annoying thing to do. The same is true about reading over people’s shoulders.

6.  Never, ever voluntarily give away the ending of a book or a movie. You could unintentionally ruin what would otherwise have been a very enjoyable reading or viewing experience.

7.  Never ask to borrow anything unless the other person offers or shows signs that it is ok for you to borrow things from them. When you ask without them offering first, they may not be able to say “no” even though they really want to.

When you do borrow something, make sure you return it in the same condition you got it. Take care of other people’s things, not as if it were your own….take care of it knowing it belongs to someone else.  Remember, just because you’re a slob, doesn’t mean everyone else is. And don’t wait to return it until the owner asks for it. Return it as soon as you’re done with it.

8.  When you’re sharing gossip, make sure you limit it to people your friends also knows. Don’t talk about what happened to your cousin’s roommate’s brother’s girlfriend. People are not interested in gossip about people they don’t know.

9.  Don’t give your “friends” a play by play of your day. They don’t want to know everything about your weekend, including what time you took a bath, what your husband said to you or what chores you did. For the love of god, people are not interested in mundane things!

These are just some of the things that may annoy some people…they sure as hell annoy me! If you think you do some of the things on this list, don’t worry, it’s not too late to change. Following these 9 simple rules will help you on your way to becoming a decent human being.



One thought on “How not to get on other people’s nerves…

  1. I really don’t care enough to want or need to talk to anybody because I have come across too many annoying, immature people in my life time. I’m just disgusted!

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