Ok, I’m jumping on the bandwagon and blogging about Twilight.  First of all, I’m not a Twihard – I was halfway through Twilight before I gave up on the dry, pointless writing.  I watched Twilight in the cinema for one reason and one reason only:  To know what I’m talking about when I make fun of it.

Don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate Twilight. But that is not to say that I like it, either.  For me, the Twilight Saga is a collection of mediocre books which tried to re-invent vampires and werewolves, and failed miserably. 

Why does Twilight appeal so much to young readers of this generation?  I really have no idea.  Stephenie Meyer brought the world of vampires to young adults and teenagers by creating a brooding, moody “teenage” vampire hero and an equally “emo” heroine.  I guess young people these days can relate to these kinds of characters the way readers in the 1800’s can relate to Jane Austen’s iconic characters.  Though, to compare Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth with Mr. Cullen and Bella would be doing Ms. Austen a grave injustice.

My involvement with Twilight stopped after the first book.  Having read half of Twilight and survived the first movie – I got the gist of it.  I didn’t bother reading the other books – didn’t even bother finishing Twilight, and I certainly didn’t plan on watching any of the succeeding movies. As far as I was concerned, I was done with Twilight.

So why am I now so annoyed with Twilight?  For the simple reason that, yesterday, it was nearly impossible to watch anything in cinemas except Eclipse. Majority of the theaters in malls were screening Eclipse, and the general ticket lines were all about a mile and a half long, and by the time it was your turn to buy your ticket, the movie you wanted to see – the one other movie in the mall that wasn’t Eclipse¸ had already started.  

No, I did not give in and watch Eclipse instead.  Much as I would have liked to see a movie yesterday, no amount of frustration or desperation would compel me to waste my time and money on Twilight.

And to think that I have to endure this for another week or so, until cinemas start showing other movies. Oh, the agony of it all….


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