World Cup Boozing

Suffering from sleep deprivation and possibly a slight hangover from last night’s World Cup drinking game.  It was England vs. Germany, and just to make things even more interesting – as if they weren’t already – we decided to drink shots of soju when:  1) a goal is made, 2) a player makes a corner kick and 3) a yellow / red card is given to a player.  The first requires a full shot glass of soju, and the rest only requires a half shot glass of soju. 

The match ended with Germany scoring 4 goals over England, which scored 1 goal.  3 or 4 yellow cards were given and numerous corner kicks were executed.  I can’t remember the exact statistics, but, suffice it to say that at the end of the 90 minutes, the soju bottle was empty and I was just slightly past the point of being “tipsy.”

Watching World Cup games in bars is much more exciting, albeit more expensive, than watching at home.  The large crowd of people cheering for their own teams gives you an excuse to cheer and shout and curse as loudly as you want without incurring the wrath of your next-door neighbors. 

The World Cup will end on July 11; two more weeks of play, boozing and insufficient sleep.  Fun times.



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